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Our manufacturing expertise extends beyond single-lumen tubing and heat shrink materials. We excel in multi-lumen extrusions with unique profiles and multiple working channels that run the length of the tubing. Our multi-lumen extrusions allow engineers to push the creative envelope and expand their product capabilities. We manufacture this specialized tubing with tight tolerances, unsurpassed capabilities, and high quality standards. Our multi-lumen tubing is often used in demanding applications such as minimally invasive surgery where the ultra-fine lumens allow multiple functions or instruments to be placed within a limited space. For steerable catheters especially, our PTFE multi-lumen tubing provides engineers with an ultra-thin-walled, process-ready extrusion that helps simplify construction, reduce manufacturing steps, and improve yields. In other industries, the insulating properties of fluoropolymers coupled with the endless range of profiles and lumen configurations allow engineers to create high-performance devices in which multiple substrates can pass such as fluids, gases, wires, cables, and more. We custom manufacture multi-lumen tubing with numerous passages and tight tolerances. Customizable configurations are nearly unlimited and can include complex multi-lumen profiles, diameter, number, and geometry of the lumen(s), and material. Multi-lumens are developed in different resins including PTFE, ePTFE, FEP, PFA, PEEK, TPU and more. Your final configuration will be specific to your needs, and all aspects will be kept confidential for each customer. Note: All multi-lumen is custom ordered.  APPLICATIONS Catheters – Multi-lumen tubing allows the passage of multiple instruments or guidewires through a single tubing. In other settings, our multi-lumen tubing is ideal for dialysis and urology applications. Electrical Insulation – Multi-lumen tubing is an excellent option for containing and insulating multiple electrical leads or wires while also keeping them segregated. Endoscopes – For endoscope construction, multi-lumen tubing is necessary to encapsulate fiber optics, wires, and other components but also allow the passage of air and water or suction during the endoscopic procedure. Fiber Optic Instruments – With the delicate nature of some fiber optics, our multi-lumen tubing provides protection and organization of these critical yet fragile communication links. Fluid Handling – Multi-lumen tubing has many applications in fluid handling environments including analytical sample preparation and test equipment, fluid transfer, and chemical isolation just to name a few. Multi-Sensor Instruments – For applications where multiple sensors need to be deployed, multi-lumen tubing affords the ability to guide these sensors through the tubing keeping them separate and from becoming tangled. KEY PROPERTIES Biocompatible – Biocompatible and non-toxic. Chemically Resistant – All of the resins from which we produce our multi-lumen tubing are highly chemically resistant. In fact, most are chemically inert to almost all commonly encountered chemicals. Excellent Dielectric Properties – For protection and organization of electrical wires, multi-lumen tubing possesses excellent dielectric properties providing exceptional insulation. Flexible – Depending on the resins used for your multi-lumen tubing, customization options allow you to create multi-lumen products that are both rigid and abrasion resistant yet still retain a high degree of flexibility for easier handling and manipulation in confined spaces. High Working Temperature – These resins used in our multi-lumen tubing have an extremely high working temperature of up to 500 °F (260 °C), depending on the resin. Multiple Working Channels – Multi-lumen tubing is created with multiple channels that run the length of the tubing. These channels allow multiple instruments, guide wires, fluids and irrigation, drainage, or other components to pass through the tubing while remaining contained within a single tubing. High Lubricity – Our multi-lumen tubing can be extruded from a variety of resins, many of which result in products with highly lubricious surfaces. These lubricious surfaces greatly facilitate pushing of wires and cables through the multi-lumen internal diameters minimizing kinking and wire back-up. Similarly, when feeding our multi-lumen tubing through complex equipment and machinery bends, the lubricious outer diameter surface of the tubing minimizes drag and friction. For fluid handling, the highly lubricious nature of the inside diameter allows for optimized flow rates. Tight Tolerances – When you work with us to design your multi-lumen tubing, you can be assured that you will receive the best quality product with exacting tolerance standards.

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