PTFE Plastic Paste Extruder Machine

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Plastic PTFE Paste Machine Features:

ü  Adopt adjustable speed to accommodate pitch ,no need to change gear while operation;

ü  High productive efficiency ; production rate is three times higher than present usual machine per hour ,the max production reach to 98m/hour;

ü  Low noise ,transmission and pulling system adopt absorbing sound ,reducing shake and inserting equipment;

ü  Easy maintenance ,transmission flexible, structure easy install and remove.

ü  More friendly to environment: no PTFE powder splashing but powder output automatically

ü  Intelligent control : producing gaskets by controlling the power quantity

ü  More time saving : the power cut off automatically while the production number set up

ü  Longer working life : no heat while working.

ü  high quality components used.

Flow Chart

Paster Extrusion tube process:

PTFE Fine Powder raw material →Sifting →Mix with solvent→ Heating→ Performing → Extrusion→ Sintering  → Finished Tube.

Matched machine: Machine screening, Mixing machine, Performing machine, Extruder machine, and Furnace heating, Mould. Techincal Data:
Paste Extruder Type & Technical Data
DX-D01 (suit for 25-60 lodaing cavity)OD:2mm-6mm PTFE Paste extrusion Hose Main machine : 30KW power 380V 50Hz one key start with hydraulic drive.1.2M high for material load cavity.WorkBlank machine : 3KW with 380V 50Hz Hydraulic drive PTFE blank high with 300-600mm.Furnace : 18KW 380V 50Hz with total high 8.5M 500 degree temperature.
DX-100(suitable for 60-120 loading cavity)OD:6MM-60MM -2 loading cavity FE Paste extrusion Hose Main machine : 30KW power 380V 40Hz one key start with hydraulic drive.1.5M high for material load cavity.WorkBlank machine : 3KW with 300V 50Hz Hydraulic drive PTFE blank high with 300-600mm.
PTFE Hose Machine Specifications * Long service life through solid workmanship and use of high quality components* Low wall thickness tolerance through self-centering mandrel and special nozzle* Measurement transducer like pressure, force and ram speed for permanent control of the extrusion process and extrusion speed* Hydraulic closure with high closing force for quick loading of the extruder* Special pre-form press with pre-form preparation device for multiple loading of the loading carriage i.e. extruder* Electrically adjustable mandrel* Measuring and controlling system for constant extruder speed* Controlling system for constant speed of the extrudate* User-friendly and maintenance-free system* The paste extrusion systems are designed especially to costumers requests* Automatic adjustment of the total system as well as recording of the formula* Operating through touch screen and recording of the extrusion process parameters

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