PTFE lined pipe gaskets are the ideal solution for applications demanding virtually 100% chemical resistance and where the mechanical properties of a compressed gasket material are also needed. They perform well in the food and process industries where contamination of the medium cannot be permitted, Suitable for medium strong alkalis, cryogenic fluids, oxygen, chlorine gas etc.

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One of the most chemically-resistant materials available, PTFE can fit the bill for extreme sealing with sheet gasketing, gasket tape, joint sealant, and universal gasket configurations. In addition to resisting most chemicals, the expanded PTFE gaskets are outstanding at resisting creep and cold flow. There are also gaskets created specifically for low bolt load, or for use in sealing fragile pipe flanges. Due to the use of PTFE with its universal corrosion resistance the gasket can aid greatly with site standardization being suitable for a varied range of applications across the site . Specifications:
  • Raw material: PTFE, white in color
  • Operating temperature: -29 to 260 deg. C
  • Operating pressure: Vacuum to 6 kg/cm. SQ.
  • Spark test: 10 KV
Advantage:FDA approval; Excellent resistance to continuous service temperature up to 260ºC; Possesses a high inertness towards nearly all known chemicals; Very good sliding properties; Insoluble in all solvents up to temperatures as high as 300ºC (572º); Very soft; Non-stick; Good machinability; Difficult to bond; Good wear resistance.

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