SYH-50 Three-Dimensional Mixer

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Working Principle: The mixing barrel is suspended at the end of the main and driven axles through two Y-type universal joints. The two universal joints intersect and perpendicular to each other in space. When the drive shaft is dragged and rotated, the cardan envoy barrel moves repeatedly in space, such as translation, rotation and roll. Material in the cylinder is followed by three-dimensional compound movement in the axial, radial and circumferential directions. Many kinds of materials in the cylinder flow, diffuse and dope with each other, and evenly show a uniform state. Special design for PTFE polymer powder mix with fiberglass, graphite, carbon, bronze etc. without temperature rising. Performance description: (1) The machine is composed of a base, a drive system, a universal wall-rocking mechanism, a unique shape of mixing barrel and an electrical control system. (2) Reasonable design, beautiful appearance, fine processing, stable movement, stepless adjustable; large loading coefficient, high mixing uniformity, easy discharge, easy cleaning, in line with GMP specifications. (3) The inlet and outlet are sealed by clamp flange, which is easy to operate and has good air tightness. The discharging end adopts eccentric cone, asymmetric design, which is more conducive to the uniform mixing of materials. When discharging, the discharging port is at the lowest position of the mixing container, and all materials can be discharged. (4) The discharging valve adopts a butterfly valve with unique design, which has good sealing performance, convenient discharging and no surplus material. (5) It has a unique initiative, driven two-axis and two-axis Y-shaped rocker arm mechanism, so that the barrel can do complex translation, rotation and rock movement in three-dimensional space. (6) The universal rocker arm mechanism is machined with stainless steel material and mirror processed, which has a beautiful appearance. Technical parameters: Equipment type: SYH-50 Mixing Barrel Volume (L): 50 Loading Volume (L): 30 Maximum loading weight (kg): 30 Spindle speed (rpm): 0-10 Motor power (kw): 0.75 Outward Size (mm): 1200 x wide 950 x high 1250 Whole weight (kg): 300

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